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Mechanical Weed Removal with New Weedoo Boat

Pest, Lawn, and Lake Service in Central Florida

Weedoo boat removing weed - mechanical weed removal by Sorko Services in Central Florida
Aquatic weeds can be a significant nuisance in your pond, lake, or water feature. How many times have you gone to take out the boat only to have your propeller or jets clogged by a bed of weeds within minutes? I’m sure almost every Floridian can identify with this scenario. The warm temperatures here allow for a variety of foreign weeds to thrive in our lakes, crowding out important native species and harming our wildlife. At Sorko Services, our goal is to help make Florida’s beautiful bodies of water healthy, clean, and sustainable. A critical part of that job is making sure that the aquatic plants growing in the body of water don’t get out of control. Sometimes, we are able to effectively treat the problem using safe herbicides, getting rid of nuisance weeds without polluting the water or harming wildlife. But, depending on the situation, herbicides might not be a viable solution to the weed problem. In cases where invasive plants like cattails have completely overrun the lake, the only answer is to physically remove the weeds.

Weedoo TC 3000 Boat

And now, we can do that more efficiently than ever using our brand new Weedoo TC 3000 boat. This unique boat is designed specifically for uprooting large beds of weeds from any portion of a pond, lake, or river. Think of it almost like a bulldozer in boat form, with a special hedge clipper attachment arm. With this boat, we can scoop up massive quantities of weeds with the bulldozer-like trough and cut through weed beds five feet underwater with the boom clipper arm. We can even use it to cut down cattails near the banks of the pond to give you a clearer view of and easier access to the lake. It is hard to overestimate the usefulness of our new Weedoo boat. It allows us to tackle problems with aquatic plants like never before. No longer will you have to deal with troublesome collections of water hyacinth, expansive plant beds so thick you can’t even see the surface of the lake, or other nuisance weeds that will take a very long time to decompose with herbicides. If your body of water has issues with algae, weeds, wildlife, or aeration, Sorko Services is more than up to the task. None of our services are cookie-cutter since we believe that the most effective treatments are tailored to each situation. To learn more about what we can do for your lake, call us today at 407-878-4492.