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Ways to Reduce Water Pollution

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When you hear the phrase “water pollution,” you probably think of plastic waste or other common types of litter. Plastic waste is in fact a great threat, but the biggest pollutants to lakes and ponds don’t always come in the form of straws, bottle caps, and food wrappers. To fully protect your body of water, check out some of the lesser-known ways that you can reduce water pollution. 

Leading Causes of Water Pollution 

Nutrient pollution is a leading cause of water quality damage, and here are some of the top factors that make this issue so imminent. 

  • Chemicals

    From household to commercial products, there are countless opportunities for chemicals to end up in your lake or pond. Harmful compounds can be found in detergents, fertilizers, and an array of other commonly used items that eventually wash down drains or through soil and into lake and ponds. 

  • Waste

    Plastic waste and general garbage aside, animal waste itself harbors high levels of nutrients. When an animal excretes waste on farmland, water runoff can carry nutrients from the soil and wash them into lakes and ponds. Likewise, human waste can travel through septic tanks and sometimes leak into soil surrounding bodies of water. 

Tips to Put a Stop to Water Pollution 

While you can’t control the practices of homes and businesses in your community, these are some conscious changes you can make to reduce water pollution in your lake or pond. 

  • Install fountains and aeration fixtures.

    Fountains can’t keep pollutants from finding their way into your lake or pond, but they can help to promote water movement and prevent stagnation. Likewise, aeration systems will maintain normal oxygen levels and support a safe environment for fish and non-invasive aquatic plants. Installing these fixtures into your body of water can make a big difference.

  • Create a water management system.

    To reduce water pollution in your lake or pond, you need to stay on top of water levels, soil nutrients, and other signs of issue. By working with a professional water treatment provider, you can schedule monthly inspections, gain access to pollutant treatment services, and keep your water safe with environmentally friendly solutions.

Aquatic Management in Central Florida 

Put your foot down on water pollution and team up with the aquatic management providers at Sorko Services. Our team can survey your body of water and the surrounding soil to test nutrients and create a system to best manage and maintain prime water quality. Likewise, we’ll take a look at your general area to understand the risk factors for contamination and guide you to new habits that can reduce pollution. For more information on our aquatic management services, call us today at 407-878-4492.

Ways to Reduce Water Pollution in Central Florida

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