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What to Expect from a Lake Consultation

Pest, Lawn, and Lake Service in Central Florida

Lake consultation by Sorko Services in Central Florida

For property owners with a lake on their land, there eventually comes a time when they’ll need to consider getting a checkup. Whether you’re new to owning a lake, are having problems with your longstanding one, or just want to see if everything is running smoothly under the surface, here’s everything to expect from your first lake consultation. 

Visual Inspection 

The primary step in any lake consultation is a visual inspection of the shoreline, water, and its surroundings. This preliminary once-over will give aquatic managers a look at any visible issues that may need to take priority, such as: 

Furthermore, a visual inspection will let aquatic service providers get familiar with your body of water to understand its nearby environment, inhabitants, and potential hazards. These visual cues can help them determine the cause of anything strange that may be going on in or around your lake like pesticide runoff or the presence of invasive species. 

Water Quality Test 

After scanning the perimeter of your lake, an aquatic consultant will then perform a series of tests to obtain definitive measurements of water quality. By scanning variables like nutrient levels and temperature, aquatic managers can learn if there is any harmful bacteria or other abnormalities that need immediate attention, such as: 

Management Plan 

Combining their visual findings and measured readings, as well as the personal preferences and budget you have set aside for your lake, aquatic professionals will then propose the next set of steps. Depending on the initial parts of the consultation, aquatic providers may recommend a few or a handful of services that can improve water quality and the overall look of your lake. 

For example, if water stagnation is an apparent issue in your lake, a fountain and aeration system may be the first recommendation. However, if your lake is covered with algal blooms or overrun by aquatic weeds, an algae treatment or weed removal plan may top the list of recommended services. 

Central Florida Lake Consultations

To learn more about your lake, contact the aquatic management team at Sorko Services. During your consultation, we’ll search the perimeter to mark any potential issues up front, perform a thorough water quality test that measures multiple components, and create a system that gets your lake in shape. As your long-term aquatic manager, we’ll also design a schedule for regular inspections, tests, and treatments. For more information on our list of aquatic services, call 407-878-4492. 

What to Expect from a Lake Consultation in Central Florida

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