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Spotting and Avoiding Harmful Algal Blooms

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Professional algae control by Sorko Services in Central Florida
Algae is incredibly common in just about every body of water, which is why it can be hard to distinguish the good from the bad. But because a few clumps of algae can quickly turn into harmful algal blooms (HABs), it’s imperative that you know how to tell the difference.  

Identifying Algal Blooms 

You should never try to handle or sample algae on your own, but you can try to identify the type by performing a visual checklist. If the algae in your lake, pond, or other body of water show any of the following traits, you may have a case of HAB. 
  • Color

    – Color isn’t a definite indication of the type of algae, but HABs typically have a strong blue, green, red, or brown pigmentation. 
  • Clumps

    – When HABs first appear, they commonly gather in clumps. These clumps can bunch along the shoreline or spread throughout the surface of a lake or pond. 
  • Coverage

    – Overtime, HABs can cover the surface in a blanket of thick algae. If your lake, pond, or other body of water is overcome with algae, you may have a serious HAB situation.  
The only way to tell if your algal blooms have turned toxic is to consult professional aquatic providers. Otherwise, you could end up losing control of a severe algae issue and jeopardize the health of your pond and the people nearby. 

Removing and Preventing Algae 

If you try to fix your own algae problem, you put yourself at risk of serious health hazards, including rash, diarrhea, and vomiting. Taking charge of algae consists of a four-step process best handled by professionals. 
  1. Identify the algae to uncover the most effective strategy.
  2. Remove dead and decaying algal blooms to restore oxygen levels.
  3. Control algal growth using an algae treatment plan
  4. Conduct monthly algae services to keep algae from returning. 
If you want additional algae protection, consider installing a fountain and aeration system to lessen stratification and improve oxygen supply. This will help prevent future algae growth and improve the overall look of your body of water. 

Professional Algae Control in Central Florida

At Sorko Services, we have years’ of experience treating and preventing HABs. We can inspect your lake, pond, or other body of water to understand the specifics of your algae issue, treat and remove existing algae, and create a long-term plan for future prevention. For premium water protection, choose from our fountain and aeration or algae control plans, or combine the two for a full-service solution. To learn more about HABs and what we can do to prevent them, call 407-878-4492.