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Do Fountains Help Lakes?

Pest, Lawn, and Lake Service in Central Florida

Large fountain in a lake - fountain installation services by Sorko Services in Central Florida
You’ve probably come across at least a few lakes, ponds, or other bodies of water decorated with exceptional fountain displays, but have you ever wondered why these installations are so popular? Sure, they offer dramatic aesthetic appeal; however, fountains also provide added value in other ways that might not be as obvious at first glance.

Oxygen Circulation

Fountains are namely beneficial because they promote steady movement in otherwise stagnant bodies of water. However, they can also aerate these bodies by bringing oxygen back into the water system through spray patterns. And, when fountains are equipped with submerged aerator systems, they provide even more oxygen by stimulating movement from the depths of a lake or pond. Both oxygen and movement are essential to the survival of organisms in any body of water, because they:
  • Improve aquatic habitat

    Plant species, fish, and microorganisms can’t survive without a steady supply of oxygen. Fortunately, fountains can aerate a body of water to create a thriving ecosystem.
  • Decrease algae growth

    Algae can hardly feed and grow in lakes or ponds that have proper oxygen circulation, which is why decorated ones often have little to no algae blooms.
  • Minimize mosquito breeding

    Still water is the prime spot for breeding mosquitos, but fountains create constant movement to obstruct these insects from ruining your outside environment.
  • Reduce buildup

    Without constant movement from fountains, things can easily build up at the bottom of any lake, pond, or sedentary body of water. Overtime, this can disrupt the underwater ecosystem and require expensive mud removal to minimize nutrient-loading damage.

Environmental Appeal

Beyond servicing your lake, pond, or other body of water with exceptional aeration, fountain systems can help you design the perfect outdoor environment. Fountains combine sights, sounds, and unforgettable views to create a culminating, sensory experience for anyone around. Here are some of the highest-ranking characteristics that make fountains a luxurious investment.
  • Clears cloudiness

    Lakes and ponds host a ton of organisms that can easily cloud the waters if they aren’t in constant circulation, but fountain systems keep waters constantly clear.
  • Supplies lighting

    Certain fountain systems are equipped with special lighting features to illuminate your lake or pond throughout the night.
  • Creates spray patterns

    Most fountain system come with customizable spray patterns that elevate the look of your body of water. You can personally adjust the spray speed, directions, and other interval settings to fit your property.
  • Offers soothing sounds

    One of the most overlooked fountain characteristics is the soothing sounds they create. Similar to a soft rainfall, fountains produce a comforting sound that will charm any guests on your property.

Fountain Installation in Central Florida

The most optimal installations are the ones that offer a premier service disguised as a premier aesthetic. At Sorko Services, we can design an aerated fountain system tailored to your location. Our team will survey your space, explain the installation options, and work with you to create a one-of-a-kind solution that elevates your property. If you would like more information to determine if a fountain system is right for your residential or commercial land, call us today at 407-878-4492.

Do Fountains Help Lakes? in Central Florida

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