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What Causes Murky Ponds?

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Several catfish in murky waters - fish stocking by Sorko Services in Central Florida

We’ve all seen a dirty-looking pond—in fact, they seem to be just as common as clear ones. This is unfortunate because living by a pond should make your property more attractive, but a murky pond has the exact opposite effect. But why do ponds get murky in the first place? How come some ponds are nasty and cloudy while others, not even a mile away, are clear as can be? There are several factors that can contribute to a pond becoming cloudy and murky that you should look out for.

Common Causes of Murky Ponds

  • Bottom-feeding fish

    Catfish, carp, and koi can all stir up the material on the pond floor when rooting up plants.

  • Excessive runoff from rain

    When it rains frequently in the summer, the soil around the pond can be carried into the pond and become suspended in the water. Normally, it will settle within a couple of days or so.

  • Pond floor sediment

    Sometimes, the material on the bottom of a pond naturally makes the water cloudy. This is especially the case with ponds that have clay floors.

  • Weed overgrowth

    When weeds are allowed to grow out of control, they can decay and form a slimy material that is suspended in the water.

  • Algae

    Algae blooms are responsible for turning your pond a sickly green color and can also reduce the transparency of the water.

With proper pond management, you can overcome these issues and achieve a healthy body of water on your property. An aquatic management specialist will be able to diagnose the root cause of your pond’s murkiness and can design a treatment plan to rectify the issue.

Orlando Pond Management

There’s no reason you should settle for living on a murky pond. With the proper aquatic treatment plan, there is no pond so murky that could not be made healthier, clearer, and more beautiful. Depending on which of the above issues is currently afflicting your lake, your treatment plan could include:

Sorko Services is fully prepared to perform any of the above services on your body of water. Our holistic treatment plans make use of our extensive knowledge of Florida’s bodies of water. We will do whatever it takes to get your lake or pond to a pristine condition once more. To learn more about our aquatic management services, please give us a call at 407-878-4492.