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How to Prevent Pond and Lake Erosion

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Shoreline erosion is a widespread concern in Florida. Unfortunately, beaches aren’t the only bodies of water susceptible to strain. Lakes and ponds throughout the state have suffered the consequences of shoreline erosion, which has many property owners wondering how to prevent and put a stop to it.  

The Cause of Shoreline Erosion

Depending on the direct cause, erosion in lakes and ponds can take multiple forms, such as receding shoreline, leaning trees, and large plots of sand or soil along the bank. Common catalysts of shoreline erosion include:

  • Rain
  • Wind
  • Waves
  • Runoff 

The Impact of Shoreline Erosion 

Shoreline erosion isn’t just an eyesore; it’s a threat. Over time, erosion can cause serious damage to your lake or pond, including: 

  • Organic sediment accumulation 
  • Aquatic environment disruption and potential fish kills 
  • Water cloudiness 
  • Oxygen reduction 

Detecting shoreline erosion typically isn’t easy until the damage is obvious. Because soil erosion occurs beneath the water’s surface, property owners usually can’t spot an issue until the shoreline shows serious signs. Therefore, shoreline erosion prevention is a top priority for every lake and pond. 

The Solution to Shoreline Erosion 

There are many causes of shoreline erosion that are out of your control; however, there are still some strong options to strengthen lakes and ponds and protect their borders. By placing a faulty fountain system near the edge of your lake or pond, it can wear away at the dirt and root systems on the shoreline. This causes erosion to break down the soil, grass, and plants over time. 

To fix a potential lake or pond problem and maintain the aesthetic of your water system, simply bring your fountain away from the bank or find a provider that offers adjustable fountain fixtures. If you place your fountain in the middle of your body of water, you can minimize the wear and tear of waterfall to preserve dense plant life on your shoreline. When you combine your fountain with a lake or pond aeration system, you can further reduce shoreline erosion and provide even more benefits to your body of water, including:

Your Pond and Lake Partner 

Stop shoreline erosion with Sorko Services. Choose from our extended range of fountain and aeration systems available, or let us design a custom fountain system to fit your budget and the needs of your body of water. Likewise, if you need help bringing your lake or pond back to life, consider our fish stocking or aquatic weed control services. For more information on our list of lake and pond options, call 407-878-4492 today. 

How to Prevent Pond and Lake Erosion in Central Florida

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